TheGuardian Speedy No. 1481 Solution - Crossword Answers.

Below you will find all TheGuardian Speedy Crossword Answers for No. 1481

All Across Clues and Answers:

(1-across) - Shirk responsibility
(7-across) - Evaluate
(8-across) - Entrance
(9-across) - City in Mali
(11-across) - Test
(12-across) - Asian temple
(15-across) - Energetic activity
(16-across) - Sphere - party
(17-across) - Backpack
(20-across) - Clarified butter
(21-across) - Prickly individual?
(22-across) - In a state of decay

All Down Clues and Answers:

(1-down) - Coke alternative
(2-down) - Clean thoroughly
(4-down) - Female farm animal
(5-down) - Strip
(10-down) - Reproached
(13-down) - Embarrassed
(14-down) - Source of black gold
(18-down) - Angelic - course
(19-down) - Mob
(21-down) - With it - joint

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