TheGuardian Quick No. 16788 Solution - Crossword Answers.

Below you will find all TheGuardian Quick Crossword Answers for No. 16788

All Across Clues and Answers:

(1-across) - Go this way, then that
(4-across) - Bladed glider
(8-across) - Exactly the same
(9-across) - Smooth yarn, from wool
(10-across) - Install in a role
(19-across) - Late
(21-across) - Pond floater
(22-across) - One accepting an offer
(23-across) - Om, say
(24-across) - Baby bird

All Down Clues and Answers:

(1-down) - Heavenly 'belt'
(2-down) - Disintegrate
(3-down) - Garlicky mayo
(5-down) - City in Pakistan
(6-down) - Worn and shabby
(9-down) - Slogan
(15-down) - Ski-run
(16-down) - Hob
(18-down) - Claw
(20-down) - Doorway

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